The aqua tunnel

1300 Pershing Street

Marie joined the Growing High Point team in March and has been working to get her aquaponics system up and running in the high tunnel on Pershing Street. 

An aquaponics system is a symbiotic arrangement of aquaculture (raising fish) and hydroponics (soil-less growing of plants), and her plan is to grow tilapia and use the nutrient rich water to feed a variety of plants, such as asian greens, herbs, brussels sprouts, etc. One of the most difficult aspects of urban farming and farming in general is the need for constant attention and maintenance; Marie hopes to mitigate these factors since aquaponics requires no weeding, tilling, or other soil upkeep. Her choice to go the route of aquaponics demonstrates both her bold personality and wit, yet what she is most excited about is the opportunity to help educate children and families and provide fresh produce to those who need it most.

The Aqua tunnel

1300 Pershing Street, High Point, NC

Farm Manager

Marie Torres

What we are growing

Marie plans to sell a variety of different vegetables, including but not limited to artichokes, asian greens, pole beans, brussel sprouts, celery, chilis, cilantro, and many more. 

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