1300-1304 PERSHING ST.


Iya Chavis was born and raised in High Point and has been gardening from day one. He started working in the The Greenhouse on Pershing in December 2017 and already has 150 tomato plants reaching maturity, raised beds with cucumbers, squash, peppers, and kale, and plans to further cultivate the space with other growing techniques.

Iya received his love for growing from his family and community; you could say his community was grown in a garden. He recognizes that we have lost touch with this reality, and in doing so, we have collectively lost a part of ourselves. Sometimes it takes experiencing a world without neighbors sharing their vegetables, fruits, and eggs to realize how lost we are as a society without our connection to the soil. As much as he wants to bring healthy, local food to our city, he feels called to deliver this harmony to the next generation and bring it back for those who still hold on to the loving memories of a time when it existed all around them. .




Greenhouse Urban Farm

1300 Pershing Street, High Point, NC

Farm Manager

Iya Chavis

What we are growing

Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Kale, Vegetable Transplants, and Hydroponic Lettuce

Market Location & Times

High Point Farmers Market
901 N. Main Street
Saturdays 8:30AM-1PM

Pershing Street Mobile Market
1300 Pershing Street
Wednesdays 4-6PM

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