Thissell Grow Urban FarM

505 Thissell Street

Andre Davis began working on this Urban Farm in February 2018. Along with the help of several volunteers, he constructed 9 raised beds and a small greenhouse. He plans to grow a variety of Spring crops, however his focus will be on salsa ingredients: tomatoes, onions, radishes, and peppers. 

Thissell Grow Urban Farm

505 Thissell Street, High Point, NC

Farm Manager

Andre Davis

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What is being grown

Andre has already planted onions, carrots, radishes, lettuce, peas, beets, and mixed greens for his Spring crops. In the Summer, he will be growing salsa ingredients, including a variety of tomatoes and peppers. He also intends on planting squash, eggplant, celery, okra, and ginger.

Market location & Times

High Point Farmers Market
901 N. Main Street
Saturdays 8:30AM-1PM

Drozik’s Produce
1700 E. Green Drive
Sundays 12pm-4pm

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