Beekeeping Apprenticeship Form

Beekeeping Apprenticeship

Are you allergic to bee venom?(Required)
I understand, that if accepted to the program I will be expected to attend all training meetings and workshops, participate with enthusiasm, and help care for the bees on a fair and rotating schedule. If I complete this program satisfactorily, I will be eligible for a share of Growing High Point Apiary hives honey to use for my personal benefit. Should I not be able to continue for any reason, the hive returns to the care and use of Growing High Point. I UNDERSTAND THERE IS A RISK TO WORKING WITH BEES AND ACCEPT PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR MY PERSONAL SAFETY. I WILL WEAR THE PROTECTIVE CLOTHING PROVIDED BY GROWING HIGH POINT AND FOLLOW ORGANIZATIONAL PROTOCOL AS INSTRUCTED. I WILL NOTIFY GROWING HIGH POINT IF I AM OR BECOME ALLERGIC TO BEE STINGS.(Required)