Garden in the Hood

1700 E Green Drive

Andre Davis planted Garden in the Hood on a vacant family-owned lot in 2014.  The garden started with one simple thought, “you can’t eat grass”, so he turned a lawn into a food producing area. Over the last few years, Andre has grown a wide range of seasonal vegetables using organic practices. As an Urban Farm Leader, Andre also cares about engaging with the youth surrounding his garden and is excited to teach them where their food comes from. Andre recently expanded his garden by adding some raised beds and he also built compost bins made out of recycled pallets. 

Garden in the hood

1700 E Green Drive, High Point, NC

Farm Manager

Andre Davis

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What is being grown

Collards, peppers, kale, onions, turnips, beets, cabbage, carrots, okra, tomatoes, and herbs. 

Market location & Times

High Point Farmers Market
901 N. Main Street
Saturdays 8:30AM-1PM

Drozik’s Produce
1700 E. Green Drive
Sundays 12:30pm-2pm



1300 pershing st. high point, nc

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